Capture: The AI Tool That Revolutionizes Digital Media Provenance

Capture is an AI-powered tool by Numbers Protocol that revolutionizes the way we interact and protect our cherished media files. It provides a secure and immutable way to track and trace the provenance of digital content, making it easier to authenticate assets, establish ownership, and detect counterfeits.

Capture works by generating a unique fingerprint for each digital media file. This fingerprint is then stored on the Numbers Protocol blockchain, which provides a tamper-proof record of the file’s history. Capture can also be used to generate AI-powered insights into digital media, such as identifying the location where a photo was taken or the objects that are present in a video.

Capture has a wide range of potential applications, including:

  • Authenticating digital assets: Capture can be used to authenticate digital assets, such as NFTs and other digital collectibles. This helps to protect collectors from fraud and ensures that they are purchasing genuine assets.
  • Establishing ownership: Capture can be used to establish ownership of digital content. This is important for creators who want to monetize their work and for businesses that need to protect their intellectual property.
  • Detecting counterfeits: Capture can be used to detect counterfeited digital media. This is important for businesses that want to protect their brands and for consumers who want to avoid purchasing fake products.
  • Generating AI-powered insights: Capture can be used to generate AI-powered insights into digital media. This can be used for a variety of purposes, such as identifying the location where a photo was taken, the objects that are present in a video, or the sentiment of a social media post.

Capture is a powerful tool that can be used to protect and enhance the value of digital media. It is still under development, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with digital content.

Here are some specific examples of how Capture can be used:

  • Photographers can use Capture to authenticate their photos and establish ownership. This can help them to protect their work from copyright infringement and fraud.
  • Artists can use Capture to create and sell NFTs of their digital artwork. Capture can also be used to track the provenance of these NFTs and ensure that they are genuine.
  • Businesses can use Capture to protect their brands from counterfeit products. For example, a fashion brand could use Capture to authenticate its products and prevent counterfeit versions from being sold online.
  • Social media platforms can use Capture to detect and remove deepfake videos and other types of harmful content. Capture can also be used to generate insights into the sentiment of social media posts, which can help to identify and address potential problems.

Capture is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of purposes. It is a valuable asset for anyone who wants to protect and enhance the value of their digital media.

“Capture: A Revolutionary AI Tool by Numbers Protocol for Content Provenance and Protection”

Numbers Protocol, a leading provider of content verification and creativity tools for AI-driven companies, has developed an innovative AI tool called Capture. This tool aims to enhance trust in digital content and foster new ways for content monetization through low-cost digital provenance infrastructure and decentralized storage1. Capture offers a range of features that enable users to protect and verify the authenticity of their digital assets in the age of generative AI, where content creation and manipulation are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Key Features and Benefits of Capture

  • Content Provenance: Capture allows users to establish and maintain a verifiable record of ownership, creation, and modification history for their digital assets. This feature is particularly crucial in the context of generative AI, where the origin and authenticity of content can be easily manipulated.
  • Decentralized Storage: By leveraging decentralized storage solutions, Capture ensures that the provenance data associated with digital assets remains secure and tamper-proof. This approach enhances trust in the digital content ecosystem, as it reduces the reliance on centralized authorities and minimizes the risk of data manipulation or loss.
  • Traceable Generative AI: Capture enables the creation of AI models that can generate content while maintaining a traceable link to the original source. This feature is essential for ensuring accountability and transparency in the context of AI-generated content, where the boundaries between original and manipulated assets can be blurred.
  • Monetization Opportunities: With its focus on content authenticity and provenance, Capture opens up new possibilities for content creators to monetize their work. By providing verifiable records of ownership and usage rights, Capture facilitates the development of innovative business models that reward creators and rights holders.

The Importance of Content Provenance in the AI Era

As AI technologies continue to advance, the need for robust content provenance solutions becomes increasingly critical. Generative AI, in particular, poses significant challenges in terms of content authenticity and trust. Without proper safeguards, AI-generated content can be easily manipulated, leading to potential legal and ethical issues. Capture addresses these challenges by offering a comprehensive set of tools that enable users to protect and verify the authenticity of their digital assets. By establishing a transparent and traceable link between content creators, AI models, and the generated output, Capture ensures that the integrity of digital content is maintained, even in the face of sophisticated AI manipulation.


Capture, the revolutionary AI tool developed by Numbers Protocol, represents a significant step forward in the quest for content authenticity and trust in the age of generative AI. By providing users with robust content provenance and protection features, Capture empowers content creators, rights holders, and consumers to navigate the increasingly complex digital content landscape with confidence.

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