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Most Digital Campaigns Fail

The sad truth is that most digital campaigns fail. Very few digital agencies or inhouse agencies have the capability to run a digital advertising campaign with a $100,000 ad budget and turn it into $700,000 in gross revenue for the client. In fact, most agencies would have a tough time showing where the money was spent and that’s why they hide behind fancy presentations and glossy terms.

They will show you the brand impressions that the campaign got or the amount of likes the social media campaign generated. They might excite you with the brilliant creativity of the commercial or the smart media planning. But, when it comes to hard core sales – they just don’t have an answer. But we can help. Speak to us now by clicking here.

What Makes SEO SOUQ Different

The reason that most digital advertising campaigns fail is that agencies approach the market with a single-minded marketing message. This is what advertising agencies were taught to do right from the 1950s and even today digital agencies blindly follow that rule.

Examples of single-minded marketing messages include (Volvo means safety, Coke is the Real Thing, Eat Fresh at Subway, KFC is Finger Licking Good, Have a Break with Kit Kat).

Unfortunately, the digital consumer does not respond to single-minded marketing messages and therein lies the problem. To get quick answers, call us now by clicking here.

How to Generate 700% ROI from Your Digital Campaign

When brands approach us to run their digital campaigns, the first thing we do is break down their target audience into smaller groups. We do not treat the target audience as one large block and try running a single-minded message to that crowd (that’s the fastest way to lose your money).

We break down the audience into small groups and run strategic campaigns that will appeal to each of these smaller groups. This means we have to create hundreds of ads, use thousands of keywords and test countless placements.

Yes, it’s very complex and takes a lot of hard work, but when done with passion and dedication, the results are nothing less than a 700% ROI for Your Money. (call us now by clicking here)

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