How to Generate 700% ROI from Your Digital Campaign

If you have run digital advertising campaigns to promote your business, you know it’s difficult to get an ROI from your campaign.

That AED 100,000 which you spent last month would have brought you some enquiries and sales. But most probably it would not have turned into AED 700,000 in sales.

However, all of this will change when you start analyzing your campaign. To start with, you need to use an advanced advertising platform like DoubleClick from Google to run your campaigns instead of the standard Google Adwords.

This will help you target the exact prospect at the exact time they are searching for your brand’s products and services.

Secondly, you need to have emotional triggers in your advertising campaign, as most consumer decisions are emotional in nature (this is surprisingly true even in the B2B space).

Thirdly, you need to take the prospect through a highly convincing marketing funnel, in order to convert them from a skeptical prospect into a warm customer.

If all of these 3 steps are carried out properly, you can expect to generate 200 qualified enquiries from your campaign, which could lead to 70 actual sales.

And if your average lifetime customer value is AED 10,000, you can make back AED 700,000 from the AED 100,000 that you spent on advertising.

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